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We are a Toronto-based media agency specializing in digital marketing, consultation, community outreach, development and AI-powered solutions. Designed to drive the future for businesses within our communities and beyond. With a focus on providing cutting-edge technology and growth hacking techniques, we ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition in your marketspace.

While our primary expertise lies in digital marketing and technology, we also pride ourselves on incorporating diversity into our business practices. This commitment to inclusivity allows us to develop unique, customized solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. By keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, we deliver outstanding results in a collaborative and inclusive environment. Focused on community-driven growth and diverse perspectives, our goal is to elevate your business with a down-to-earth, professional touch.

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Our Rebrand is Almost Complete with New, Innovative Digital + Consultation Services to Better Provide Businesses and Communities Across Canada. Check Back Periodically for New Details!












A Company Striving To Differentiate

Be Seen. Be Heard

Redefine Your Business

Not just a tagline... We help small and medium-sized businesses shine in an oversaturated market with custom innovative strategies. From branding to efficiency, we enhance or transform your business for standout success. Let's redefine success in your industry together.

Redefine Your Community

Today's digital reach can greatly assist our communities across North America. Assistance like the Google Grant program, we can help on boosting non-for-profits visibility, and highlighting their amazing work. Our diverse, tech-driven approach connects and elevates our community beyond brand promotion. Let's discuss reshaping our community together.

We Help Businesses

We Help People

Not just focused on your business, we are thinking about your customers…PEOPLE! Driven by the mission to support the SMB community, we strive to enable them to assist people in the most impactful ways. Our approach? Crafting unique connections that foster growth and bring results, all while offering a fresh, insightful perspective. 

I have relied on Redefine Logic Media for a variety of business needs for almost 10 years! From Website design and maintenance, film, photography and consulting, Michael and his team are attentive and very detail oriented and have ensured I have what I need to be successful! So much so I’ve recommended them to family and friends who have raved the same!

Michelle F


We are a non-for-profit and we started working with Redefine Logic last year for our existing Google Grant campaign we had for the last 10 years. With years of others working on it, it was not performing as well and needed major organizing. Redefine Logic rebuilt our campaign and corrected the errors. Within the last 6 months of Michael and his team working on our campaign, we have experience 10 times the results compared to previous years. They also helped with us dealing with any Google issues swiftly. For any business or non-for-profit, Highly recommended!!

Benjamin C.


Redefine OUR Future

We want to be a spoke in the wheel of change. More than assisting businesses, we're about empowering people and bolstering the SMB community to make meaningful impacts. Redefine the media and its message with a forward-thinking lens. Committed to forging connections that foster growth and envision a brighter, more insightful tomorrow. We're not just part of the conversation – we are looking to shape it.


Elevate your online impact with our AI-enhanced SEO and SEM strategies. We optimize your site’s organic rankings and amplify visibility with smart, strategic ads, ensuring the highest conversions. Our commitment to split testing and innovation sets you apart in the market, creating lasting connections and distinguishing your brand.

Maximize your brand’s impact with our targeted Paid Ads strategy. We craft unique, impactful campaigns that highlight your brand’s strengths and resonate with your audience, ensuring efficient use of ad spend for optimal ROI. Leveraging data and creativity, we boost your visibility and establish a distinct brand identity, turning clicks into valuable engagements to propel your business forward.

Grow your brand with our unique fusion of SMM and Growth Hacking. We implement innovative growth strategies, not only enhancing your online presence but also forge a distinct identity for your brand within your market space. Our relentless pursuit of creativity and data-driven tactics ensures your brand will standout from your competitors, setting new standards and connecting deeply with your audience.

Boost your brand with our cutting-edge Affiliate Management. We forge powerful partnerships with media buyers and influencers, crafting strategies that align with your brand’s essence. Our data-driven approach focuses on building a high-performance affiliate network, with advanced tracking for precise ROI analysis. Trust us to amplify your reach and strengthen your market position with a proven, impactful affiliate program.

Unlock your nonprofit’s potential with the Google Grant Program. It’s $10,000 monthly in Google advertising complimentary to all qualified nonprofits. Our service transforms your story into impactful campaigns, placing your mission at the forefront of Google searches. Beyond visibility, we create connections that inspire and build awareness. Tailored to your nonprofit’s unique values and goals, we ensure your campaigns resonate and reach supportive audiences. Partner with us to leverage this platform, making a real difference and strengthening communities with every click.

For More Information on The Google Grant Program for Nonprofits, Click Here 


We’re at the forefront of a digital revolution, pioneering an initiative that intertwines advanced AI technology with the vital mission of enhancing diversity and inclusion. Currently in the development phase, our goal is to create applications that not only embrace but actively promote inclusivity within communities. Leveraging the power of large language models, we aim to break down barriers and enrich an environment where diverse voices are heard and celebrated. Our journey is fueled by the belief that technology of today can facilitate in bridging our social & economic gaps. 

We’re shaping the future with AI API Driven Solutions for SMBs, embedding advanced AI into versatile tools that revolutionize business operations. Our aim is to provide intelligent solutions that boost efficiency, decision-making, and innovation. As we craft these cutting-edge tools, we’re committed to setting new standards in AI integration for business. Stay tuned for transformative technology that redefines business landscapes.


Blending experienced copywriters with AI, we create captivating, conversion-focused copy and visuals for all our clients. Our approach ensures your content stands out and drives results, embodying your brand’s unique voice in every piece.

Beyond serving the SMB community with standout content, we’re poised to redefine media itself. Our vision extends to crafting refreshing video and media content, with an eye towards original film projects that embody our ethos of differentiation. ‘Redefine the Media, Redefine the Message’ isn’t just our slogan—it’s our commitment to innovation, pushing boundaries to create truly unique and impactful narratives that resonate across audiences.


Secure your digital growth with our comprehensive SMB Cybersecurity Consultation. With our experience in the cybersecurity sector, we offer a one-stop-shop solution to not only assist in growing your business digitally,  but to assist in digitally protecting it as well. From expanding your digital presence to conducting thorough in-house security audits and consult, we provide advice and actionable recommendations to fortify your small business and infrastructure. 

We can provide and recommend you with top-tier InfoSec solution partners. Whether you’re seeking endpoint security, advanced security software solutions, or offensive penetration testing, we can connect you with the right experts to safeguard your digital assets. Our role as your trusted intermediary ensure you are protected as your business grows. 

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