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Specializing In NonProfit Marketing Solutions

Empowering nonprofits through expert digital marketing and management at subsidized rates

Specializing in Google Grant management, Bing Nonprofit program and other nonprofit digital programs, we help organizations navigate the complexities of online advertising to maximize their outreach and engagement. Our subsidized services ensure that even with limited budgets, nonprofits can effectively promote their causes and drive meaningful change within the community

How Redefine Logic Can Help Your Initiative

  • Google Grant NonProfit Setup + Management

    We help nonprofits with the complexities of setup and/or management of the $10,000 a month in Google ads. This is an ever-changing program with strict guidelines and mandates. We have seen this program propel nonprofit organizations digitally and we have the expertise to help! From taking it off your plate (full management), training to keep management in-house to simply asking questions on how to manage it (these are free!). We highly encourage you to utilize the complimentary grant from Google and we are here to assist however you need us!

  • Bing & Microsoft 365 NonProfit Setup + Management

    Unlock the potential of Microsoft's Bing nonprofit grant, offering up to $3,800 USD per month in free advertising. Although less complex than Google's program, we assist with setup and management, helping nonprofits enhance their online presence and reach. Maximize your impact with our expert guidance and support

  • YouTube NonProfit Program Setup + Management

    Boost your nonprofit's outreach with the YouTube Nonprofit Program, offering features like donation cards, video overlays, and dedicated support. Enhance your storytelling and engagement with targeted video campaigns. We provide expert setup and management, helping you leverage these unique tools to maximize your impact

  • Custom Subsidized Marketing Solutions For NonProfits

    Beyond the awesome programs tailored to the nonprofit community, we do offer conventional digital marketing at a subsidized rate to all qualified nonprofits

The Estimated Difference The Google Grant Program Can Provide To Your NonProfit Organization In Engagement

Our Primary Goal Is To Help Your Community Initiatives Grow First and Foremost

The mission of Redefine Logic has always been to redefine the media and redefine the message for our communities to better service the people. This will include helping the growth of small to mid-sized businesses and community services championed by our nonprofit organizations. Your growth is imperative and will always be top of mind to our vision. We will assist however we can to ensure we can contribute to your growth. 

  • Full Management

    We specialize in managing ad grants for a reason, they are complicated with very strict rules and time consuming. We have been told ad grants are even a bit intimidating. We understand this and offer to take this off your plate and learn about your organization so we can maximize your grant's full potential

  • Google/Bing Ads Grant Training

    We do have the option to train any of your trusted staff on setting up, building and maintaining your ad grant campaign(s). This is a great option if you already have a communications rep that wants to learn the complexities of managing the ad grant in-house

  • Q & A (Mostly Free!)

    If you are currently managing the ad grants yourself or deciding to keep everything in-house and have questions...Talking is FREE! We will help as much as we can to guide you through any roadblocks or setup. That said, if you do want focused consulting on your new or existing ad grant, we can schedule a time at a subsidized hourly rate

We are a non-for-profit and we started working with Redefine Logic last year for our existing Google Grant campaign we had for the last 10 years. With years of others working on it, it was not performing as well and needed major organizing. Redefine Logic rebuilt our campaign and corrected the errors. Within the last 6 months of Michael and his team working on our campaign, we have experience 10 times the results compared to previous years. They also helped with us dealing with any Google issues swiftly. For any business or non-for-profit, Highly recommended!!

Benjamin C.


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