Mike…Why the Peacock? Well, have you ever seen a unicorn??…Have you ever seen a purple cow?! 


If you look at R! and think, ‘well, they are different!’ or, ‘I haven’t seen a media agency like them before’, because you haven’t. We strive for DIFFERENCE while curating conversions for our clients. We push to make a DIFFERENCE within our communities evoking change. Diversity is the INCEPTION of evolution. We may sound different, look different, be different however, our goals are the same for everything we work hard for, to bring GROWTH through the stagnation of galvanized platforms in overcrowded markets. Change is scary, we may in fact scare you, but for every business that was built, it took some one with VISION and taking the risk to do it. We are not looking to be the biggest, we are looking to grow what we believe in. 

Michael Cuffy - Founder, CEO of Redefine Logic Media

We are a small team of marketers, developers and sales professionals. We work lean and we work hard for businesses and our communities across North America.  As founder of Redefine Logic, I started this business with a vision, to change and potentially find innovation in the stagnation of current media and the message. Differentiate businesses within their market space, bring content in a renewed perspective. Utilizing unique tools to build diversity and culture, we are compelled to find new avenues towards a unified goal. 

Michael Cuffy